Changing NTFS to ext4 with Debian to speedup Samba

I am using a RaspberryPi with an external HDD attached as my local fileserver.
I found out that the ntfs.mount / ntfs-3g drivers are really slow and use 80-90% of the CPU on uploading – leading to a maximum speed of 2 MB/s.
As the ext4 drivers run in the kernel and usually perform better on linux, I decided to change my 2 TB to ext4 without creating a backup of the 600GB data on it.

1. unmount the external hard drive umount /dev/sda1

2. use ntfsresize -c /dev/sda1 to obtain the best size for the ntfs volume to be shrinked to

3. ntfsresize -s <resulting bytes + 1 MB> -n /dev/sda1 to simulate the ntfs shrink

4. if the simulation runs successfully, use the same command without the -n option to get serious

5. create a new ext4 partition in the new available space with


Don’t do this. It will fail and crash the NTFS index. ext4 is way better, but backup all your files instead of trying to convert. No kidding.

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