Today I was not able to access from within Firefox without a big red warning. Did get hacked? hacked

I’m currently talking to other people on IRC and news sites to get information about this hack. We are not sure weather this is a false positive at the moment.

Update 1:

Rasmus Lerdorf: Except the WebMaster Tools points to as the problem. Maybe they added some new js check?

Zeev Suraski: We know Google is flagging php-dot-net as containing malware. This is most probably incorrect and we’re working to fix it. Please RT.

Google Discussion with Webmaster:!topic/webmasters/puLmvjtK0m8

Update 2:

Firefox and Chrome do not display as malicious site anymore!

Update 3:

This malicious JavaScript might have caused the flagging:

It hides in the cache or only appears to specific users.

Update 4:

The site got actually hacked and this was not a false positive. Attackers have compromised two servers. Read more: the official statement.


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