configuration container vs globally define()ed contstants

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I’m working on a project where all the global constants have been defined in a class called Constants, for example:

Then throughout the code something like Constants::getMaxValue() is used to get the value of a constant. This seems a very strange approach why wouldn’t you just use the define function in the outermost scope? I know define() can be quite slow but surely having to call a class property is not the most efficient way either?

EDIT: Also some of the functions have conditions in them hence why functions are called

My answer


Clearify the question: What is the advantage of a configuration container over globally define()ed configuration contstants?

The advantages are all the advantages that OOP offers: Data Abstraction and Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism and better design pattern integration.

The readers of this thread seem a little confused and focus on your class rather than the main question. To also clearify this, let me give you an example:


This was originally an answer to a Stackoverflow question:

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