cowsay: command not found

Getting the error message instead a cow saying something to you in ASCII art ?

-bash: cowsay: command not found

To install cowsay or cowthink, simply do apt-get install cowsay cowthink.


Debian installs those tools into /usr/games/cowsay, but /usr/games is not in the PATH environment variable of root user by default, making bash print the “command not found” error. Same behaviour on most RaspberryPi setups.

To get cowsay working in bash console, you’d either include that directory in .bashrc or similiar, or, insert a symlink into /usr/bin just like that:

Pretty easy, enjoy your ascii cow!

3 thoughts on “cowsay: command not found

  1. I follwed this guide, but after some days I uninstalled it using apt-get purge cowsay. Now, the problem is, I still see bash: cowsay: command not found. Please reslove this to eliminate from my terminal, which comes every time when I open the terminal.

    • By simply installing cowsay, it does not do anything during logon or opening a terminal. You must have included it somewhere yourself. Maybe you need to remove the symlinks or in .basrc if you did any aliasing:
      rm /usr/bin/cowsay
      rm /usr/bin/cowthink

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