HTTP X-Content-License Header

I propose the implementation and usage of a HTTP license header,
that is independent of the media on a per-file basis (Content-Type)
and offers a fast way to identify content in a machine readable, generalized fashion.


Example response header:

2 thoughts on “HTTP X-Content-License Header

  1. Ha, Nice! Just implemented this on; with the addition of an externalized version= and extra spdx= identifier. And it seems even more useful for JSON APIs and RSS/Atom feeds
    If we ever get something like a PHP application interoperability group, this needs to be on the proposal list – to do away with the X- prefix somewhen..

    • Your feedback is very welcome Mario! I completely agree, this would be very useful for APIs. But also for images and videos, when meta information is rarely present, or hidden in the file itself.

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