The importance of putty session encoding

Encoding issues can be very nifty to solve. I recently came across an issue I never thought actively about before.

I set up a new SFTP account through putty and changed the password to something with an umlaut. My putty session used to be in ISO-8859-1:1998 (Latin-1, West Europe) encoding. Now for example setting the password (passwd new_user) to täst – the 4 letters do not match when using UTF-8 encoding in the putty session.

This lead to a problem I was really wondering about:

Connecting from the server itself, everything worked:

But when I tried to connect from a remote computer using Filezilla, the output was:


Filezilla uses UTF-8 encoding on connect. Almost every modern software uses UTF-8 these days and so should you do when working with putty. Because ö in ISO/Latin-1 encoding, is not the same as ö in UTF-8 – generally every multibyte character.


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