“kept back” version, dependencies and apt-pinning

When you are using different sources in your Debian installation, for example Dotdeb.org or MariaDB.org Repositories, you may encounter a message like:

How to compare the installed version to the available packages?

You now can execute apt-get dist-upgrade to upgrade all packages, but be warned, this can remove software, add packages and upgrade software you don’t want to be upgraded.

Usually the best method is, to upgrade some of the packages manually by:

Problems upgrading MariaDB when using dotdeb and mariadb mirror concurrently?

Try apt-pinning per origin and give the MariaDB mirror a higher priority:



This tells apt to install MariaDB prefered from the original source instead of dotdeb and at the same time resolves dependencies correct. Otherwise, the problem I had recently was, it tried to upgrade the MariaDB server from the original source, but the dependencies from dotdeb, which lead to problems, solved:

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