Why replacing Apache by nginx improves SEO

I recently switched to nginx from Apache webserver and noticed improved SERP. Google’s Webmastertools show you why:


Google gives your website a measured contingent of time its bot crawls your site. nginx’ reponse time is like 4 times faster than Apache, thus Google can crawl more content.

Besides that, Google (mainly AdSense) lowers your website’s rating when the webserver’s response time is too slow.
Unfortunately I cannot bring this thesis to proof but I’m pretty sure server response time is very important in Google’s algorithms. I’d love to see my visitors sharing their experience!

From http://www.branded3.com/blogs/using-multiple-sitemaps-to-analyse-indexation-on-large-sites/:

Indexation is quite a straightforward issue, every site has an indexation cap based on a number of factors including: PageRank, trust, site / server speed, duplicate content.


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