PEAR Certificate invalid due to Servercrash

Invalid SSL certificate on One of the PEAR servers had a harddisk crash and got replaced by an intermediate Server, which causes the certificate to be invalid at the moment. From the intermediate website: The server running had a fatal hard disk failure and gets replaced by a new machine this week. Until…

Show reverse dependencies of a package using apt

There is a new bug in libpng right now. When you want to see which package is using libpng (or better: which package depends on libpng), you can do a reverse dependency search:

This shows you a list of packages which directly depend on libpng. It lists all the tools which use the shared…

Failed to connect to Invalid argument

When trying to install Software on Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS,.. and you have your proxy configured wrong, you may get the following error:

To solve it, open your proxy settings and make sure to also add https, like:

Have a look into the following files (if they exist) and look for proxy settings. It’s…

Best PHP, HHVM and MongoDB Source for Debian Jessie

Just installed Debian 8. I’m using php5-cli for cronjobs, HHVM for webpages (using fcgiwrap) and MongoDB for various collections. Here are my current source for Debian Jessie as bash commands, offering org sources. I included pin preference files for apt to set priorities, which source to use for which package.

How to generate a new Diffie-Hellman Group

Recently there has been a new hack to break secured traffic when using the Diffie-Hellman key exchange in combination with a weak group param. To generate a new one, use this command:

To include it in Apache, use

…or nginx

More information can be found on this page:

nginx / php-fpm stops working after new update

NGINX on Debian ships with new configuration files I just updated the nginx package which delivered new configuration files and caused the php-fpm worker to fail. There was no error message in none of those files /var/log/nginx/error.log, /var/log/php-fpm.log and /var/log/syslog . Restarting nginx did not help. When I noticed HTML files got served correctly but…

Install PHP Mongo extension on CentOS

MongoDB client on CentOS / RedHat The Mongo client can be installed through yum, simply add the MongoDB repository as described in the official manual. I already explained this on other Linux distributions, here we go for CentOS and RedHat (maybe Slackware, too). > PHP Mongo extension To install the Mongo extension for PHP,…

PECL/PEAR behind Proxy How-To

Setting the proxy systemwide These exports can be applied to set a systemwide proxy to your console in Linux and Mac OSX.

Make PECL / PEAR use the Proxy PEAR / PECL won’t use the system proxy, instead you have to set it manually. Due to a bug in those tools, PECL throws an…

Unix: Delete files starting with a dash

Sometimes you accidently create files like -c: -rw-r–r– 1 root root 329 Dec 11 08:59 -c When you try to view, edit or delete them, the dash confuses the actual program:

Solution Use the — operator: vi — -c The — switch will tell the shell there are no more arguments for this execution.…

Let's Encrypt - free, automated, open

Free, reliable, automated HTTPS certificates

Let’s Encrypt is a community-driven effort, so please consider helping out. Our code and protocol specs are available on GitHub. Remember, Let’s Encrypt isn’t operational yet. For now, these programs are only intended for development and testing. Stay tuned for more as we get closer to launching the CA in Q2 2015. Protocol The Let’s Encrypt CA talks…