Reserved word `flags` in Zend Framework 1 causing Form issues

I recently found a strange issue when coding a form using ZF1’s Zend_Form in combination with checked checkboxes. The code:

The issue: The first 3 checkboxes are getting displayed normally, with banana and apple pre-checked. The second multiCheckbox renders, but does not have any checkboxes checked. Why: In my case I got it working when I renamed ‘multiCheckbox’, ‘flags’, array( to for example ‘multiCheckbox’,…

Skype for Android still logged in after logout

Skype for Android did never work very well but recently I discovered a really annoying bug: After logging out of Skype, I closed the App in the Appmanager and still receive push messages sent to my account. Most recent version from 18th of March 2014. Bugs known since summer ’13 are still not fixed.