Show reverse dependencies of a package using apt

There is a new bug in libpng right now. When you want to see which package is using libpng (or better: which package depends on libpng), you can do a reverse dependency search:

This shows you a list of packages which directly depend on libpng. It lists all the tools which use the shared…

Failed to connect to Invalid argument

When trying to install Software on Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS,.. and you have your proxy configured wrong, you may get the following error:

To solve it, open your proxy settings and make sure to also add https, like:

Have a look into the following files (if they exist) and look for proxy settings. It’s…


How to install PHP7 on Ubuntu or Debian

Taken from Stackoverflow, credits to @ryannerd. User contributed content licensed under cc-wiki with attribution required. Guide to install PHP7

So far so good. At this point I started having problems:

Reported that I did not have make installed. The solution was found here: I tried this, but still had problems so I did…

Best PHP, HHVM and MongoDB Source for Debian Jessie

Just installed Debian 8. I’m using php5-cli for cronjobs, HHVM for webpages (using fcgiwrap) and MongoDB for various collections. Here are my current source for Debian Jessie as bash commands, offering org sources. I included pin preference files for apt to set priorities, which source to use for which package.

nginx / php-fpm stops working after new update

NGINX on Debian ships with new configuration files I just updated the nginx package which delivered new configuration files and caused the php-fpm worker to fail. There was no error message in none of those files /var/log/nginx/error.log, /var/log/php-fpm.log and /var/log/syslog . Restarting nginx did not help. When I noticed HTML files got served correctly but…


Compile PHP 5.6 with pthreads and ZTS Ubuntu/Debian

Compile PHP with pthreads and ZTS on Ubuntu or Debian …and all most common extensions including multi-threading, PDO and mongo extension. 1. Setup your installation path first In the first step, we download the latest PHP sourcecode and download the sourcecode of pthreads and the mongo extension. I know it can be a struggle to…

Debian apt-pinning (Dotdeb, MariaDB, MongoDB, …)

Short post, I’d like to share my source lists for Debian 7.6, including apt-pinning for MariaDB / MySQL. It also includes all Packages from Dotdeb (Zabix, Redis, PHP, …).

Apt-pinning preference file for MariaDB / MySQL: /etc/apt/preferences.d/mariadb

cowsay: command not found

Getting the error message instead a cow saying something to you in ASCII art ? -bash: cowsay: command not found To install cowsay or cowthink, simply do apt-get install cowsay cowthink. Debian installs those tools into /usr/games/cowsay, but /usr/games is not in the PATH environment variable of root user by default, making bash print the…

“kept back” version, dependencies and apt-pinning

When you are using different sources in your Debian installation, for example or Repositories, you may encounter a message like:

How to compare the installed version to the available packages?

You now can execute apt-get dist-upgrade to upgrade all packages, but be warned, this can remove software, add packages and upgrade…