f_imageloadfont is not supported: NYI

Using HHVM 3.7.1 and GDLib extension, and you try to load a font, you may encounter the following error:

This is because the function imageloadfont(); is not implemented yet. Here is the Github issue you can read about an update: https://github.com/facebook/hhvm/issues/5468

HHVM with Opcache

How to use HHVM with Opcache? HHVM compiles PHP-code in a different way and cannot make use of Opcache. So it’s pretty normal you will not be able to install HHVM with opcache. Opcache and HHVM don’t go together. HHVM can utilize APC HHVM can be configured to use APC caching instead. Consider the following…

Best PHP, HHVM and MongoDB Source for Debian Jessie

Just installed Debian 8. I’m using php5-cli for cronjobs, HHVM for webpages (using fcgiwrap) and MongoDB for various collections. Here are my current source for Debian Jessie as bash commands, offering org sources. I included pin preference files for apt to set priorities, which source to use for which package.