PEAR Certificate invalid due to Servercrash

Invalid SSL certificate on One of the PEAR servers had a harddisk crash and got replaced by an intermediate Server, which causes the certificate to be invalid at the moment. From the intermediate website: The server running had a fatal hard disk failure and gets replaced by a new machine this week. Until…


How to install PHP7 on Ubuntu or Debian

Taken from Stackoverflow, credits to @ryannerd. User contributed content licensed under cc-wiki with attribution required. Guide to install PHP7

So far so good. At this point I started having problems:

Reported that I did not have make installed. The solution was found here: I tried this, but still had problems so I did…


PHP7 alpha released!

Yesterday, PHP7 alpha has been released: THIS IS A DEVELOPMENT PREVIEW – DO NOT USE IT IN PRODUCTION! PHP 7.0.0 Alpha 1 comes with new version of the Zend Engine with features such as (incomplete list): Improved performance: PHP 7 is up to twice as fast as PHP 5.6 Consistent 64-bit support Many fatal errors…

HHVM with Opcache

How to use HHVM with Opcache? HHVM compiles PHP-code in a different way and cannot make use of Opcache. So it’s pretty normal you will not be able to install HHVM with opcache. Opcache and HHVM don’t go together. HHVM can utilize APC HHVM can be configured to use APC caching instead. Consider the following…

Best PHP, HHVM and MongoDB Source for Debian Jessie

Just installed Debian 8. I’m using php5-cli for cronjobs, HHVM for webpages (using fcgiwrap) and MongoDB for various collections. Here are my current source for Debian Jessie as bash commands, offering org sources. I included pin preference files for apt to set priorities, which source to use for which package.

nginx / php-fpm stops working after new update

NGINX on Debian ships with new configuration files I just updated the nginx package which delivered new configuration files and caused the php-fpm worker to fail. There was no error message in none of those files /var/log/nginx/error.log, /var/log/php-fpm.log and /var/log/syslog . Restarting nginx did not help. When I noticed HTML files got served correctly but…

PHP magic: use it right, or don’t use it at all

Consider the following code snippet:

Explanation Although we have text in the output, PHP tells us the variable is empty. What’s wrong? When using magic in PHP, you must be aware of all of its pro’s and con’s and what is going on behind. ‘$this->bar’ is a magic variable in the example. isset or…

Install PHP Mongo extension on CentOS

MongoDB client on CentOS / RedHat The Mongo client can be installed through yum, simply add the MongoDB repository as described in the official manual. I already explained this on other Linux distributions, here we go for CentOS and RedHat (maybe Slackware, too). > PHP Mongo extension To install the Mongo extension for PHP,…


PHP: get min value greater than zero

Use this PHP code function to pass an array with values and return the lowest value (min) which is greater than zero (not null, not 0, ignore zero and strings). Works with int and float values.

PECL/PEAR behind Proxy How-To

Setting the proxy systemwide These exports can be applied to set a systemwide proxy to your console in Linux and Mac OSX.

Make PECL / PEAR use the Proxy PEAR / PECL won’t use the system proxy, instead you have to set it manually. Due to a bug in those tools, PECL throws an…